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Custom Cabinets, Indiana Style08 November, 2011
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Harlan Cabinets is proud to be a leader in defining what it means to build Custom Cabinets, Indiana Style... Being nestled in the heart of North East Indiana allows us a unique opportunity to blend 3 distinct resources that have made our region renowned for furniture and cabinetry.
Custom, Kitchens, Indiana, Style


One is the 'old world' wood working skills of our Amish craftsmen. Over 1/2 of our wood workers are from the Amish or Mennonite community. They have a long tradition of making custom crafted works of art and we're proud of the skill they bring into each piece of custom cabinetry we produce. 
Another is our eclectic design style which comes from being just outside of the cultural mixing pot that is Chicago, but that also has its fingers stretching into the more 'traditional' style that our area is known for. In appreciating the marriage of these two factors you'll have a great understanding of what makes a company like Harlan Cabinets stand out. We epitomize what it means to build Custom Cabinets, Indiana Style!
custom, kitchen, indiana, style custom, cabinets, indiana, style custom, kitchen, indiana, style

Last but not least is the renowned work ethic of the Mid-West. In a national study Indiana is currently ranked 6th as an attractive landing place for large corporations. One of the primary reasons for this ranking is the great strength of character that is found in our people. They care about such things as dependability, quality and efficiency. Hoosiers also share a strong appreciation for the precision that comes from having the latest in modern equipment... The people at Harlan Cabinets are no exception to this phenomena.
custom, cabinets, indiana, style custom, cabinets, indiana, style
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