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New Kitchen Cabinets Need New Countertops03 December, 2010
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New Kitchen Cabinets Need New Kitchen Countertops or do New Kitchen Countertops Need New Kitchen Cabinets... Either way we got you covered!

So you’ve picked out your new kitchen cabinets..? Now it’s time to look for kitchen countertops! Years ago, the most popular choice for kitchen countertops was laminate. Today, granite is giving laminate a run for its money. But what are other kitchen countertop ideas? Let’s take a look:

as a kitchen countertop:
Corian is a solid-surface countertop choice that is composed from a mineral powder mixed with acrylic and sometimes a polyester blend. It is non-porous and stain resistant, which makes it a great option for the messy cook or a home with a bunch of little hands! Any stains acquired can easily be removed with a mild abrasive and a little elbow grease. Corian is also very durable, making it a great long-term investment! Scratches and marks can be repaired because the color of Corian runs all the way through the slab. Another feature that make Corian a great kitchen countertop is its heat resistant quality. While it’s safe to set a warm pot on the Corian, the use of a heat pad or trivet is suggested for those pans that come straight from the oven. Corian also comes in a variety of warm, rich colors to adorn your new kitchen cabinets (and old ones, too)!
New Kitchen Cabinets-
Corian Tops

Cambria Quartz
as a kitchen countertop:
Cambria Quartz has been around for many years, but is recently gaining popularity as a kitchen countertop. Cambria Quartz is one of the hardest, most abundant minerals on earth, making it a great “green” countertop for your new kitchen cabinets. Cambria Quartz is twice as strong as granite and it’s non-porous and non-absorbent, so it hinders the growth of bacteria and mildew. Cambria is easy to clean, needing only warm water and dish soap. A minor slip of the knife won’t hurt the Cambria, but no natural stone is scratchproof, so regular cutting and chopping is not recommended.  The Cambria Quartz top is heat resistant, but as with the Corian, the use of heat pads and trivets is recommended. Cambria Quartz has the sought-after “Greenguard,” which simply means that it has a low-emission for indoor use and is safe over long-term. While Cambria Quartz pricing may be a little higher, all the colors are priced the same and you have no up charge for your edge profile. Because Cambria Quartz is so durable, it makes paying a little extra in the beginning go a long way in the end.


New Kitchen Cabinets-
Cambria Top


as a kitchen countertop:
Granite is another natural stone that makes a gorgeous countertop for your new kitchen cabinets! The color runs all through the slab, making it easily repaired should it chip or get a ding in it. Granite is durable, making it a great addition to a house with rambunctious little boys that will use it for train tracks and monkey bars! Granite is also burn resistant, though setting a pan directly from a heat source on it is not recommended without a heat pad or trivet. Another beautiful feature of Granite is the wide variety of colors that are available in many different swirling patterns. As noted, it is a natural stone so each slab is unique with different characteristics and patterns in it. Because Granite is a porous material, it needs to be re-sealed once or twice a year, depending on the amount of use it receives. However, re-sealing it has gotten easier over the last several years and now requires only an application of a sealer, time to set, then a soft cloth to wipe the sealer off. Once sealed, your Granite will be stain resistant and easily maintained.




New Kitchen Cabinets-
Granite Tops


as a kitchen countertop:
Because Concrete countertops are custom made to your kitchen, they can come in almost any color, stain, or finish! You can also add leaf imprints, seashells, or glass particles to give your concrete texture. Like Granite, Concrete countertops do need to be resealed periodically, but because the Concrete is so durable, this is a small task in the long run. Concrete rarely chips or scratches, making it strong enough to last for years. Cleaning concrete countertops is easy and almost any cleaning and disinfectant product will work on them. It is recommended that nothing acidic be left on the Concrete, as it will, over time, discolor the Concrete. Concrete is heat resistant up to 450 degrees, which makes it extremely versatile! As with natural stones, Concrete comes with many imperfections that is natural to the product. It will enhance any home, whether it is an elegant French -themed or contemporary home.


New Kitchen Cabinets-
Concrete Top





as a kitchen countertop:
Don’t laugh at me for suggesting Laminate as a countertop for your new kitchen cabinets. It no longer has to be that bright orange color that Halloween pumpkins were lost on or a dull finish that blended in with the flat paint on the walls! Laminate has become glamorous over the last couple of years! With new colors, patterns, and definitions, Laminate offers the option of your countertops looking like Granite, but keeping within the Laminate price range. It can now come in textured patterns, shiny finishes, and colors that will make your new kitchen cabinets absolutely sparkle! Laminate will scratch if abrasive material or a knife is used on it, but it is, for the most part, very durable and will last many years with the proper care. Laminate can easily be cleaned using just warm water and a little dishsoap. A baking soda paste or a variety of other household materials can easily remove any stains that are acquired.  Just to prove my point about their beauty, take a look at these photos:



New Kitchen Cabinets-
Laminate Tops

We also have a 1 hour video from a design clinic we recently held that gives great detail about most surfaces available.
Our showroom is available and our designers will be more than happy to guide you through choosing the countertops for your new kitchen cabinets.
If you are a dealer or a customer and would like to learn more about Harlan Cabinets feel free to email or call us anytime...


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