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4/19/2012Today's Walk Through The HC Shop
Took a stroll through the shop where we make our custom cabinets and furniture. I was armed with my camara this morning, so I snaped a few shots.
4/9/2012More Pinterest Images- Page 2
Random Images For Pinterest pinning and other shinanagins...
1/23/2012What Does A High End Kitchen Cabinet Look Like?
High end kitchen cabinets should, for obvious reasons, stand apart from cabinets of lower cost. In this current economic climate there are many low-end, semi- custom cabinet manufacturers that are drawing people in with some nice eye candy, but are these cabinets really a better value?
1/1/2012Random Images For Pinterest & Beyond!
Random Images For Pinterest & Beyond!
12/15/2011A Happy Kitchen Is An Organized Kitchen
Doing what I do for a living, combined with an enthusiasm for Christmas that would rival most 1st graders brings my brain to ponder what effect an organized kitchen can have on a household this time of year. It's hard for me to not consider these effects when those childhood memories of Christmas at Grandma's start their annual trek through my mind...
12/13/2011Custom Cabinet Manufacturer, 50 Years Strong!
Being a custom cabinet manufacturer for 50 years means there isn't much we haven't seen, which is why there are very few projects that Harlan Cabinets will shy away from.
11/8/2011Custom Cabinets, Indiana Style
Harlan Cabinets is proud to be a leader in defining what it means to build Custom Cabinets, Indiana Style! Read more to find out what makes the words Indiana and Cabinetry synonymous.
10/21/2011Harlan Cabinets Has A Great Fort Wayne Countertop Showroom!
What makes us standout from other Fort Wayne Countertop Showrooms is that we have a majority of the types of countertop surfaces available to look at in real showroom sets.
10/3/2011Free Design Clinic - Oct. 15th at Harlan Cabinets
We’ll have a variety of hors d’oeuvre and drinks on hand and will allow plenty of time for Q & A. Be prepared for some laughs and learning, as these events are a lot of fun. 10-15 people is an average # for attendance. You should expect a relaxed atmosphere.
9/20/2011Fort Wayne Countertops? We Got 'Em!
...It seems obvious that we would know just about all there is to know about Fort Wayne countertops in terms of local style, availability and durability.
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